YouTube copyright notices 2024

I subscribe to both Envato Elements and Epidemic Sound. Epidemic Sound allows subscribers to register their YouTube channel as “safe” from copyright claims. Once I did this, I never received another copyright notice again.

On my very first Envato (licensed music) upload, I was hit with a copyright claim that takes “30 days” to resolve. So I went thru the YT rigamarole, uploaded license info, and now I wait a month to see if the artist…agrees w/ the license? This seems like an unproductive way to do things.

If Epidemic Sound figured out a way to make our YouTube channels safe, why can’t Envato?


Epidemic own and have full control over their music, so they can clear an entire channel for all of their music at once. The composers do not have control over their own music there. Epidemic have registered the music with Content ID, not the individual composers.

Here at Envato, the music is owned by the composers, which means a single composer can only clear a channel for THEIR songs. Content ID is controlled by each individual composer.

Epidemic’s business model is terrible for composers, but of course it is a bit more convenient for buyers.

However, a claim does not take 30 days to resolve. The fastest way to do it is usually to contact the author on this site, and it can be cleared in minutes or hours (or 1-2 days).

Via the YouTube form it might take a bit longer, but I believe it’s usually quite fast.

You do not lose any revenue during the time it takes to clear the claim. That money goes to you.

Hope this helps!

That information does not go to the artist. It goes to YouTube and the Content ID company (Identifyy, AdRev, Elite Alliance, etc.).

You can write directly to each artist/author here at Envato and ask them to make your channel “safe” for their music.