Youtube Cards - Audiojungle on Approved Merchandise Sites

Just to start the talk to see if we could get AudioJungle (and possibly all envato markets) available on the approved merchandise sites in the Youtube Cards option in youtube videos.

For people that promote their items via Youtube, this option could give viewers a direct link towards the item and possibly simplify the purchase process and improve awareness and sales.

Link below to the already approved sites:

Anyone interested in this?


That’d be great! As it is now, I have to redirect them to my own site which then redirects to AJ. Not very efficient.

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Let’s see if we can get the gods of audiojungle to take notice!

Yes, it would be great!

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Cool!! And why not - Envato is one of the major players nowadays, while this list does include many retailers already. :snowman:

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There is no Envato on this list(((. But, really u can send your potential consumers to your site. )))

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Please, Envato! This would be amazing!

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Yes! Please, Envato, this is helpful!