Beginner's Thoughts on Visibility - Feel Free to Correct Me

Hi, l’m wondering about the visibility of this selling platform.

  • Go to --> not obvious what to do next.
  • Figure out to maybe press “Products” --> not obvious what to do next.
  • Press “Market” because l know this from past experience only --> Taken to a screen asking to go to EnvatoMarket - didn’t l already express a desire to do this?
  • Pause for a bit. Is there even any reason l’d want to go to EnvatoMarket? The spiel on that screen mentions nothing about audio clips.
  • I know from past experience to click EnvatoMarket anyway --> Taken to a screen full of web templates and themes
  • I know from past experience to look at the pull down menus at the top of the page. Actually, it’s the menus above those menus, just select Audio! --> I see 10 promoted audios + 40 latest audios below it, which are somehow not the same as promoted audios although it amounts to the same thing.

No mention of genres, nothing. Reminds me of Soundcloud’s landing page in a way.

Only Envato themselves would know if visitor patterns of behaviour show confusion, or if it’s just me that seems confused so l’ll leave it to them to disregard this message if they wish :slight_smile:

OK a few other points:

  • Is AudioJungle being promoted on YouTube? If not, why not? That’d be a big market l imagine.
  • Is AudioJungle being promoted in places within the context of gifts (seasonal, birthday, engagement, wedding, religious occasions, etc.)?
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