Your item, TWL - Telegram WhatsApp Leads Generation, has been rejected

Hello Everyone,

My product was rejected as a result of review yesterday.
The reason is that it does not meet the quality standards.
What should I do?

Please check. give me feedback.


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hello friend,
I did a quick review of your project, great job!
But let me give you my review:

First, the design:

With all due respect to your efforts, the design is not very modern, and this is a point you should keep in mind:

The design should be beautiful and modern.

Second, the functions:

According to my quick review, your project does not have many features or functions that it can do.
And you should know that codecanyon requires that your project be full of features and have a great design.

Code source:

Always make sure that the code for your project is modifiable and understandable, and this may be a reason.


Your project is beautiful and has an idea behind. I hope you will make a great effort to improve the design, and also add some new features and make it unique.

With all due respect and appreciation for your work, we wish you success in your career


Thank your very much… we will try to as per your suggestion.


Thank your very. we will try to improve our item.