Whats your opinion about our first - and hard rejected - project?

We’ve attempted a submission of our newly developed item but it was hard rejected, so we felt like checking other authors’ opinions. Everyone is welcome to add a reply here - it will be much appreciated and it will help us in a future submission (Im not sure if we can resubmit the same item with potential improvements).

Our item was coded based on Laravel framework and its a small CRM to manage WhatsApp-related tasks. Users can connect their devices using NodeJS-based QR scanning service and our CRM will create a connection between their phone and itself, so it can manage Text messages, Auto replies, Campaigns, etc programmatically.

It offers an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to streamline their Whatsapp marketing efforts and maximize their return on investment. It comes equipped with a host of powerful features, including phonebooks/contacts, campaign management, and detailed reports to track performance.

Users can send a variety of message types including text, media, buttons, lists, and templates and it also offers a REST API service.

Here is the process of connecting a phone.

Feel free to try its online demo and let me know about your honest opinion about it:

Demo resets every hour (:00).

Full demo: Login • WhatsMessenger, the 360 WhatsApp Messaging Solution!
Username: tester
Password: 123123

Receiving a hard rejection was a pain for us - as we are not really sure about what went wrong with it. During our development time, another similar item was submitted and approved in the marketplace and Im finding that really unfair.

Even after reading and understanding the reasons, we were not able to verify potential issues and hard rejection is not containing specific reasons about it, so we would like to thank you in advance for your contribution in fully understanding it.