Your item, has been rejected?

Hello. I have a problem – specifically, my Shopify template was rejected even though the WooCommerce and HTML versions were accepted. Here’s the link to the template: Kidify - Baby shop and Kids store Shopify 2.0 Theme - RTL Support. I’ve been looking through Shopify templates, and some of them are so bad that words fail me. Despite that, they were accepted. I’m wondering why my template was rejected. I’d be happy to hear your feedback. Another thing, since the template was rejected, can I still sell it on other platforms even though the WooCommerce version is available on ThemeForest?

There’s no guarantee if the item is approved on one specific category would help to get another one on a different category. I think this may be your case.

If you’re “exclusive” author, you cannot sell the item ( Shopify ) elsewhere, Envato updated the terms around 2017/18

Do you have two accounts btw? Just looked, “Kidify” was approved by Jthemes

Could you check my template and suggest what I could improve? Perhaps if I make some adjustments, it might get accepted? In my opinion, this template is not bad. What about your opinion?

Do you have the collaboration with “Jthemes”? Why not submit the item on the account where the “WooCommerce” is approved.

I bought full rights from him and I added this theme under my account.

I wonder why the WordPress is approved. It doesn’t look like it brought anything new, just a classic WooCommerce theme with kid concept images.