Theme on the market rejected in WooCommerce category.

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask for help and an opinion on my template design which we are also trying to add to the WooCommerce category. Currently, the template has already been accepted in the Shopify category, but due to the fact that the WooCommerce category has higher requirements, my project has been rejected.

In the case of the first rejection, it was noted that the basic demo (removed now) we offer is a bit “outdated”. Due to the fact that the whole template was based on it and its reconstruction was not easy, we decided to completely remove them from the WooCommerce version and focus only on those more modern and non-standard projects.

We have added the template in this form again:

Unfortunately it was rejected again without any comment now.
\I would like to ask you for an opinion because it seems to me that this is something new that envato does not yet have.

Thank you in andvance.

It doesn’t bother me as an aesthetic approach but TF WordPress submission requirements has changed some time ago and now, they are requiring unique design with good features. If you could’ve submitted a year back, you wouldn’t have any issue.

You can try to add some new/unique home pages and try again

And we also want to add some other skins in future as we have in Shopify version

These won’t help you to get the approval. Design is not good enough for WP

The problem is I don’t know which way to go. I see that there are templates that are very modern but have no sales and there are those that are very simple without anything unique but with very good results. Everything added over the last month in woocommerce category.

In situation like this make sure you mention in the message to reviewer field that you have permissions from the original author (you should have ID of the ticket created by the original author he sent to Envato Staff where he mentioned he grants you the permission). If you are the original author, then you should explain it to the review since there already are two other items based on this design.

As for the design itself, I like, but I would probably kept the typography from the Shopify version, or at least increased font sizes.