Envato Reviewer Asking for Shop Page When It's Not Compatible with WooCommerce

Hi everyone,
Need help from experienced authors. We’ve submitted a WordPress Theme on ThemeForest. We got a soft rejection. The reviewer asking for Shop page when it’s not compatible with WooCommerce. Please suggest us what should we do? Here are the comments from the reviewer:

Shop does not seem to be working: Markup 2022-01-23 at 12.16.58.png - Droplr

We want to mention that this is a NFT Marketplace WordPress Theme. It’s payment or bidding options will be on MetaMask & we’ve integrate MetaMask; not WooCommerce.

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So you can uncheck the WooCommerce attribute and resubmit again.


Just basically state that WooCommerce is not supported by your theme while submitting the item and as @ThemeGer suggested, make sure you don’t choose WooCommerce options

Probably they are confused due to your submission is Marketplace theme.

Hi @ThemeGer
I haven’t checked the WooCommerce attribute. Our item is NOT WooCommerce supported. As I told, this is a NFT Marketplace WordPress theme & it’ll be connected by MetaMask.

Hi @ki-themes
Thanks for your suggestion. Will try that!