Yesterday i submit my new app to codecanyon but it refused !!

I will need you to significantly improve the UI of the application. It looks too barebones right now. I’m not asking for utter sophistication, just acceptable levels of refinement. If this were a class or a snippet, I wouldn’t mind if it had a bad looking demo but since this is a complete system I have to take every facet of it into account.

please anyone or support help me to find a way to accept my project

What does your project look like? I assume that first part was from the reviewer, and they’re pretty straight forward. You need to significantly improve the visuals of your item.

I don’t know where exactly in the design causes the rejection, and how can I know

You can post a demo or some images here so we can see what it looks like and give you some pointers.

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USer Apk :

Admin Apk :

Hello > . i upload screen and apk