Yay, first sale since joining


My item just sold, and I never read about the financial help articles (my weakness to those kind of articles, my eyes hurts when I read tax, money calculation)
it is bit shocked me to find that a $30 item sold and I only got $8
I thought when I put price 25 and the buyer 5 so the price is 30 and, ah nevermind, the thing is item sold, and hope could lead another big sales in the near


Congrats, mate!) :slight_smile:


thanks mate, lot of positive energy this day :smile:


Congrats on your first sale !


Yeaah) First sale is something special!)


Thanks UltraWeb


indeed!! this site has great traffic


Congratulations! I’ve also had my first sale today! How do I see which file has sold?


if you have lot of items then you need to find one by one, by sorting it out, they didn’t send the notification about the sold item, just inside the dashboard


Thanks pixellord, I’ve just found it by clicking on “Statement”


Congratulations mate :slight_smile: Best of luck for sales :slight_smile:


yeah mates thanks a lot :smiley:


Congratulations :wink:


thanks my friend