Xml files as database for recipes



I have purchased an application for recipes here, my question is about the data base which was as an xml file and i didn’t find an easy way to enter my list of recipes on this file.
it will be very hard to write all my recipes manually with xml tags on xml files .
what do you suggest please?
i’ve tried to use excel ( export/import) but it doesn’t support dynamic list of list ( especially for the part in which we have list of ingredients for example)



It really depends on the structure of the XML file what the best solution is. Have you asked the creator of the app what the best method is to edit their XML files?


I’ve contact them, but i’m not convinced with the response.
they said that the file can be edited on xcode environment. but it’s not a solution to enter recipes.
on xcode i have a preview like wordpad.
the structure it’s complicated, imagine for each ingredient i have to make xml tags like this