WPBakery Page Builder - Visual Composer vanished


I’m working on a website and i’m using WPBakery Page Builder.

When I go to edit a page the visual composer ‘Classic Mode’ / ‘Frontend Editor’ Have disappeared.
I’ve compared the plugins to another site (That working fine ) that i’m using WPBakery Page Builder on and all the plugins are the same and of the same version.

Any ideas?

Did you try going to WordPress Admin - > WPBakery Page Builder - > Role Manager, and enabling the post types? That’s usually the typical case.

I’m having a similar issue. The visual editor has disappeared leaving me only with text edit. I’ve checked role manager and post types and everything seems fine.The visual Editor actually works with other elements of the site (ie. Portfolio, posts etc.) But when I go to create a new page creating a text block, I’m not getting the visual editor

Hey @technofunk,

you can contact with your item author

They would like to assist you.