WP Theme that have Gallery/Albums/Single Page Images - Simalar to...

WP Theme that have Gallery/Albums/Single Image page - Simalar to my website https://fjellsikt.no/ -
With the gallery you can add single pages for images that goes right to the Gallery album.

With apps/without…

This is a Photograph website.

thank you.

Hello ,

You can use that template and customize it if you need it.


We have some light Photography themes, it is not like your example above but maybe you can use some of them:

Hello Zaccc.

I already have it, but i’m refused to get support from the author, so im looking for something else that has the same features, and BETTER support for bugs and problemes regarding the theme/apps.

They are abit too minimal for my taste :slight_smile: But they are good looking though :smiley:


I’m not sure, but in case of interest you can check out our photography template :blush: