Need suggestions for minimalist theme for photo portfolio...

Hi, I’ve spent the better part of two days looking for a clean, minimalist theme to display my photography.

I’ve looked at a few hundred self-described minimalist themes, but most either have too many elements or have some annoying feature - like captions that cover part of the image or too much movement or flashing parts.

I want a PAID theme so I can get support. RELIABLE, consistent support is very important to me.

Here is an example that is close to what I want:

While I want a simple look, I want the flexibility to add my own custom CSS if I desire.

->> A recommendation of a particular theme or of an author who is likely to have the kind of theme I want would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

Try our 2 Minimalist WP Theme maybe you like it :slight_smile:


Maybe some of this:

Hi there! Why don’t you try a portfolio page inside our KEO template. Cheers

There are literally hundreds in a similar style.

Maybe something like this feels very suitable, or it’s a style adopted by this author a lot, or there are multiple photo type themes by some of the biggest authors around including this. You could search through this selection also.

A couple of things to remember:

  1. Make sure that you are clear on what support includes/does not include

  2. Demos will show the full features of a theme - this does not mean that you have to use them all and/or could not strip these back out if needed.