Looking for simple website template.

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction;

I am a graduate architect looking to get my portfolio website up and running, I have limited knowledge with HTML and CSS so looking for a little head start with a template.

Basically what I am looking for is like : http://oneeightylight.com/, I understand that this is a temporary cover page for the website while it is under construction but I love the simple design of it as a webpage as it is not pulling the user away from the end goal with is the images.

I am looking for a full spread width image site which the images rollover at a set time with simple navigation bar on the left side and my logo at the top.

If any of you know of any templates that I can use, adjust that would be great. I am willing to pay for the template if any arise.


William Baker-Jones

You can check this one our HTML template. It is not the same like your example above, but it is minimal design.



Or maybe something like this (WordPress version):

Hi! We’ve got a special portfolio template available in HTML and WP http://keo.webark.io/portfolio/. In case of interest check out our multipurpose theme https://themeforest.net/item/keo-complex-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/19706582. Hope, some of that will be helpful.

You can try some wordpress template or my advice is to hire someone who will make it site by your specifications.