WowBook flipbook plugin Integration

I am looking to buy WoWBook flipbook jquery plugin.

But having below mention questions :

[1] What is the price ? and its a one time cost ?

[2] Does this plugin support all language PDF ? i.e Gujarati,hindi etc.

[3] We need below mention security in PDF book when it goes to browser.
1. Content should not be copied from it or save as in any file format.

[4] Does it works on (Android & IOS) mobile and all web browsers in terms of responsive?

[5] While purchasing this plugin what it contains ?
- Will i get the API on Local ?

Hoping reply as soon as possible.


Hello :smiley:

The license fee is only a one time cost.

Your other questions should be able to be answered by the author @maguiar01

If they don;t pop by this thread, there is a contact form on the right side of their profile page here -

Hope that helps!