Plugin for PDF download Files


I am looking for a plugin, which shows our products and the user can download a pdf-file. Moreover the user can filter the products with tags.

Is there a such plugin?

Thanks and Best regards

Nobody an idea?

It’s possible to help you this woo extension :

Demo here :

There was one codecanyon but I forget name. If I remember …


Update 2:

If you look carefully on Codecanyon, you’ll surely find others.

Thanks for your reply.

The user should not thinkt, that there are an “online shop”. On balance it shouldt be a filter “Filtertag A” “Filtertag B” and then you can see the PDF Files.

I have the same query, how to put a pdf on the site and allow the viewer to download it. Also how to have a jpg image that links to an automatic download of a pdf.

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