Help with Responsive Flipbook


I’m considering to buy the Responsive Flipbook wordpress plugin on CodeCanyon:

Will I be able to add links and video content to the flipbook?

If so does the links open in the same page or on a different page?

I want to use it to create a product catalog but I cant seem to find the information I need on the websites.

Ideally im looking for something that can integrate with Woocommerce similar to pin maker where a customer can click on a hotspot / node and it will show a quick view of the product listed in Woocommerce, they will be able to add product directly to the cart without being redirect away from the catalog so that once they are done adding to cart they can continue browsing the catalog. It will help with conversions too. Pin maker cant be shared as a catalog on social media platforms hence why im looking for something with similar functions but in a flipbook that I can post everywhere.

If you have any suggestions for a plugin that could do something like that before I buy the Responsive Flipbook plugin I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you

Hi @gamers1acc,

You can ask your pre-purchase query directly to the Plugin author by posting comments going through the Plugin Comments page. The Plugin author will answer your query.


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Thank you