Would you buy this?

I am a developer and have been occassionally blogging since almost 9 years, also guest blogging. But somehow the platforms do not feel “fulfilled”.

Yes, I can just theme on Ghost or Wordpress but somehow the writing experience isn’t the same. I use Write App to write the blog and then submit it.

Coming to the point
I also crave for the “perfect” WYSIWYG editor which can auto format code (because I blog about coding as well), put pictures, gifs (coz we are living in a meme-generation and adding gifs helps retain reader’s attention), etc.

From Front end point of view, I really like:
Nurui theme
and Aeon

I also use BuyMeACoffee and Patreon

I am planning to create a blogging platform, specifically to give the feel and pleasure of writing while making sure that it supports out of box Google ads, BMC and Patreon, with an editor that supports md, non-md, code formating, etc.

What I am not sure of is, will my developers actually buy a blogging script, if it is made as I mentioned above?
And an ability to choose if this will be hosted via Static hosting, example github.io in which case, it will create a static site which can then be pushed.

Your inputs are greatly appreciated.