Wordpress/Woocommerce Advice


I have a client that wants to add into the menu price ranges for example, in the menu they will be able to pick items that are priced between £25-75 & £75+ is there a way to do this? So I want to filter them by price on the back end and then a customer be able to select the price range on the main menu and return the items that fall into that price range?


Hi @arkenm :slight_smile:

When you use the price filter on a WooCommerce powered site, if you look at the address bar, you see an extension like this: …?min_price=100&max_price=200

This means the products between 100-200$ (or whatever the currency is) are being listed.

So if you copy the whole URL and insert it into the “Custom URL” field on “Add Menu Item” screen (Appearance > Menus), you get what you want.

Hope this helps!