Fixed quantity to a fixed price woocommerce plugin

Hello all,

I’ve been researching for a couple of days but to no luck. What I need is a plugin that would apply these rules to a single product in a dropdown menu:

  • 50 items 10,99 €
  • 100 items 20,99 €
  • 250 items 35,99 €

The quantity does indeed need to be as shown since I have an API attached as a reseller of digital products. So if the customer selects 100 items, it should put 100 of that one product in the cart. We are able to hide the quantity in the cart so it cant be changed.

Else our solution would be a min/max quantity with multiple single products of 50/100/250 but this makes it a little more difficult from a front-end designer POV.

Any help would be appreciated. Im willing to buy a plugin for that purpose.