Woocommerce custom price calculator needed


I need a custom plugin for woocommerce putting together.

It is a price calculator based on height and width, but, instead of simply doing a sum of h x w = price (there is already a plugin for this), we need to be able to specify the prices based on a range. In the back end I would like a table, into which I can place all the prices. Then in the axes I can add the ranges, eg, 0-10, 11-20, 21-30 etc. There also needs to be able to be a max and min which will not allow the calculation if the inputted figure is out of range.

It should then automatically update the number on screen before adding to cart.

There are several different product types that require different pricing, so being able to choose the variables, the max and min dimension and the price for each one is essential.

Essentially what we want is this

Please reply with a how much and a how long. need asap please!


Hello benescott,
Did you find a solution to this? I have (almost) the same problem, i sell by amount (with different price ranges) plus a fixed base price, and need to find a solution.


Hi Magmatrix,

Not as such no, though the developer of a plugin did come up with a workaround. My client didn’t go for it but it might be worth trying to get something custom made for you

You can email them at: support at sky verge dot com



I had the same problem. I used Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms Woocommerce plugin – and hired https://studio.envato.com/users/Dimitris73 to write the specific area calculations (Width X Length) with pricing.

He also added shipping to the calculation.