WordPress theme for online tutorials (like w3school)

I am looking for WP theme which is similar to w3schools.com and supports sections for code samples.

Any suggestions – free or paid?


Thanks in advance

Any regular WP theme can achieve that. However, when it comes to courses you’ll need a more specialised solution. The design can be created in Elementor but you need code evaluations which is why you may be interested in our theme : WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, WordPress LMS by VibeThemes
We have an integration with SphereEngine which would enable you to create code questions which are automatically evaluated and scored. [ Create your own CodeAcademy in WP using WPLMS - YouTube ] Also have Evalaute / solve answer switch like W3Schools and entire evaluation happens in javascript
WPLMS is a HeadLess theme and can work with Serverless environments as well ( like w3schools ) .

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