Wordpress Sample Data Export and Import

I am just about to Upload my first WP theme on theme Forest.
I am Successfully able to Export and Then Import widget settings through this Plugin

There is a Default Import, Export Feature in wordpress through Tools through that Functionality I am able to export and then Import Post types, Pages and Custom post Types, but it fails to Import Media, is there any alternative to this.

Has any one done this before, Help will be appreciated and what would be the best suitable Plugin to import theme Option settings?

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We use default WordPress importer to export and import the Data. But not 100% success on this, every time we upload it upload only 80% the rest will be failed. Mostly images are failed.

Thats what I have written above it cant export and import media files, any alternatives?

we are also looking for alternative plugin.

Ensure the media is hosted on a live website. If you “export” from localhost and then try to import it into something else it wont work.

Anyone found its solution? Import media failed