WordPress Plugin Recommendation

Hi Forum

I am developing a wordpress site for a trust which issues financial grants to artists.

The website should allow visitors to submit an eligibility application which will also register them.
And if approved they can login to submit a grant application from a page not publicly accessible.

Applications should be listed by User for Admin and downloadable as PDFs.

Do you know of a plugin (or combination of plugins) which might handle this requirement?
Feels to me that there must be something out there for this…


Do you need a plugin etc?

Could you not just use a form for the application then if they are approved (assume this has to be a manual assessment) then send them links to the grant application area?

If really necessary you could use a membership plugin for the second part and those who are initially approved

Thanks Charlie

Yes I think I see what you mean. I think I can find a way to do this using something like Gravity Forms and then a private content plugin to hide the (not for general public access) grant application form.

But I hoped I might be able to find a plugin stitched everything together - primarily listing grant applications by user (for Admin and User).

I bet there is something out there - just finding it is the problem.

Thanks for your help.