A site to manage funding requests/grant applications to a small charity

I am looking for a developer to build a site to manage requests for funding to a small charity.

Not looking for crowdfunding site or a site that solicits donations. The site must manage the funding application process, alert applicants to status of their application, provide a gallery or blog style library (image/blurb) of successful funding projects, maybe even integrate ability to pay out funding to applicant once certain workflow steps completed.

You are not going to like this but I would prefer the site to be written in plain PHP (no MVC) so I have some chance of understanding the code. A MySQL backend and use of Javascript/HTML5/CSS for the front end is assumed.

You must have done something similar before and have a link I can visit as a reference. Thanks.


If you like, you can also check out Envato Studio. There are lots of great website developers there :smiley:


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