Wordpress Kit Templates won't import

Apologies if this is a broken record.

It’s been stuck on 12% for a long time. I’ve refreshed, tried others etc. Same thing - just won’t import into Elementor.

Everything is up to date, plugins installed correctly etc - even have the correct elementor “hello” theme in case it was that.

Any suggestions?
Literally zero kit templates are importing into elementor! :joy:

Any help will be most appreciated!

Same is true for me, but only related to a single page contained in the kit. In my case, the “About” page of the “raung kit” won’t import. Stuck at 0% and does not move a bit.

Any ideas / help how to fix this would be greatly appreciated!



You need more RAM allocated to your wordpress. 512MB and upwards.

Same issue here, and I have the mem limit set to 512M
Nothing goes past 56%

Also had this issue, ended up giving up. I thought it was a memory issue so increased the memory. That didn’t work, so thought it was a Mod_Security issue. That wasn’t it either.