Wordpress: How to do custom 404s?



hi, in all WP themes a 404 redirects to a stupid looking 404.php vanilla page with all pages listed.

Can someone start making custom 404 templates? They’d sell well I’d think, I bought an html one years ago that looked good here:

Am I missing something? Why are there no inventive WP 404 pages? We used to have funny/creative html ones, years ago…

you could probably sell a lot if there’s some way to do custom/fun 404.phps


because they would have to either be added via a plugin or via a theme, the theme controls the 404 (via the 404.php) theme file.

A buyer would need to “edit” their theme to change the default 404 to the new one, which will cause issues when they go to update the theme.

The only other acceptable way is the plugin option and there are tons of plugins available (google wordpress 404 plugin) which will let you create custom 404 pages without editing the theme.

There are “premium options” on Codecanyon too so the options are definitely there but imho you aren’t going to see 404 themes.


hi - thanks, that’s what I mean, would be custom 404 plugin for WP; good ones would likely sell well


there are already some on Codecanyon, I am always looking for ideas for plugins so if you think something is missing from them, pm me and I can see if I can implement it in another plugin.