Uploaded item rejected

Dear team ,

I’m a HTML/CSS/JS and wordpress theme developer, I just tried to upload my first item on Themeforest which is simple 404 html page that i created from scratch but it got rejected, would somebody please tell me why ?

Demo Link: https://awesome-hawking-4611b2.netlify.com

I know it’s simple but it’s just a try as my first item.


the demo link doesn’t work

Sorry for late, Netlify was down and i waited until it got fixed.

I don’t know why the site name has been changed, here is the new link:

It gives 404 Not Found error.

this is the template buddy

Not wanting to be mean but it’s just some text, it looks like a default 404 page, I don’t think customers will be willing to pay for something that looks like the default page. I think the reviewers did good in rejecting this item.

You wrote 44 lines of HTML and 60 lines of CSS, thats it.
Why should anyone pay for this? It’s just some text and social icons.
You need to check what other items are getting approved and compare. This is no way near.

Thanks all for replying.