Soft Reject - Wordpress Theme

Hi guys,

my wordpress theme got soft rejected. The reviewer message is:

Same issues still remain, this is hardcoded by default and not acceptable. At the same time, content creation is assumed, by dictating what users will use.

What does it mean exactly?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Without seeing the theme it’s hard to be sure but sounds like you have something coded into the page template that is not easily editable using VC or shortcodes etc.

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It’s been coded into the HTML theme directly so you cannot modify the pages or use the WordPress features. - basically it’s HTML theme but you are allowed to edit the content via admin panel.


Thanks for your reply!

The theme is a One Page Theme (the HTML version is already on sale on ThemeForest) and it don’t use VC or other plugins, but it is fully editable with Theme Customizer of Wordpress. This isn’t enough?

The user can customize the theme easily, so I don’t understand what is the problem.

Other suggestions? Thank you very much!

There is only one page in the template and it can be edited with Customizer. What should I do?

Thanks for your help!

It’s hard to say anything before seeing the codes. If you could PM me WP Admin credentials, I’m curious as well. I can just take a look at

Hi @ki-themes,

I have sent you a message.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You’re able to change the content via Customizer, no pages, no posts, nothing. For example, what if I wanted to add another team member? Or something else? This is not good way to build WordPress.

There’s one free WordPress theme this month. Download and check the coding

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Thank you @ki-themes!

Is it possibile, for example, add another team member via Customizer? Or should I use other plugins?

I’ll check the coding of the free Wordpress theme, thanks!

The free theme is built with WooCommerce and doesn’t help me. With Customizer I can’t make these changes. Should I use other plugins like VC or Layers WP?

Please give me some suggestions, thanks!

hi can i send you my WordPress theme to check it too please its my first WordPress theme in theme forest :slight_smile: i uploaded two days ago

ThemeForest reviewers will do it soon anyway. Better to wait them. In case of you need something else after review, you can create another thread