Wordpress 5.5 update

Hi everybody,
Since Wordpress launched the last update (5.5) and after executing it my website turned into a black page. I’ve turned on debugging mode and the website appears in a little white box but the rest stays black.

Website : https://newsite.jette-clean.be/

I think it has something to do with Revslider but I’m not sure…

Anybody who could help me? Thx

It may be theme compatibility issue. You could restore the backup keep continue using the website a while more till you get a new theme update.

In case of you’re interested in paid support, you can contact me via this link to work directly. I could offer the same service at Envato Studio as well

I’d be happy to help you within few hours.

I’d love to take the paid help you are offering but I don’t have a backup version of my Wordpress site. Is it still possible to do this without the backup ?


I have the same problem as you. I have no backup either. :frowning:
Thanks for your help

Please, contact me via this link, I will see what I can do but in most cases, I could fix the problem without backup as well

I’ve contacted you.

Already replied your email

Didn’t receive your reply ?

Seems like a compatibility issue. I can provide you a quality and paid support so let me know if you are available. Ping me via email
thank you

The email was d.grenson@j****-c****.be

This issue is solved, thx.