Wordpress site broke completly, tried many things, no clue, help is very appreciated.

Dear theme authors,

For some reason my wordpress page broke completly. The theme author is unresponsive and I have no clue what to do. I put over half a year of work into this site that’s why any help or clue as to where I could look for a problem or what I could do is greatly appreciated.

Problem: Usually the first thing on my home and about us page was a full width image with text on top. Now The page’s Title with a white < div > is being shown on top.

This weirdly happened after I created a new page and built it with visual composer.

I tried tons of things like deactivating all plugins and I even reinstalled a complete backup of all files and database from 10 days ago. The problem still persists. Thank you.


You can contact us on Envato Studio and we can help you with fixing the issues on your website.

Thank you