WooCommerce : Request quote instead of Add To Cart

Instead of sending a command (and go through the process of selling online), my project requires just send an email and allow the website owner to respond with a quote for items into cart.

I have really looking a lot for this feature but I find it nowhere.

You probably know more than me about this? Someone can help me? Ready to pay, of course.

Thank you !

Hi there,

Can you please send me an email to info[at]generictec[dot]com please?


Hi ! I have find a code here at codecayon… i will try it. Contact U if needed. thank you !!! scuse my poor english.

Yes, I bought this plugin there are several days already. Thank you!

Bought this plug-in but the default html table it generates is extremely ‘vanilla’. The setup provides a couple places to add some CSS for the table, but gives no guidance on how to use them or what css could be used.

Seems to work, but the difficulty in customizing the displayed form (quotelist) is a huge put-off to it.
I posted for help in DVI site, but it said it would take EIGHTEEEN days till a reply might come in… Even at ‘only’ $18 (with extra fee) this is far too long… I’ll keep looking for this much-needed function elsewhere

I have just started to use Propoza, it does just that what you’ve been asking for; it’s easy to have a ‘add to quote’ buttons besides your ‘add to cart’ button, with easy backend functionality as well.
It’s a fairly new product but has great potential, you might want to have a look and try it out, I believe they still have the free version. Not only for woo commerce but also for other platforms eg magento.
Hope this helps!

It is customizable. Can I know what type of customization you require? I am the plugin developer.

There’s a plugin called QuoteUp which is a complete enquiry and Quote Request system.

With QuoteUp a WooCommerce store owner can:

  1. Allow customers to add multiple products to the ‘Quote Cart’ and send quote requests to admin.
  2. Hide ‘Add to cart’ and Prices to make your WooCommerce store a Quote only store if required.
  3. Auto-generate quotation pdf and send it as an email attachment right from the backend.

Also, the plugin is translation ready and has quite a few new features in the latest version. You can check their demo here.

I’ve just published an article on how the WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin mentioned in this thread works perfectly with our WooCommerce Product Table plugin. Using the plugins together is a great option for anyone wanting to list products in a table or grid view with add to quote buttons. The article is called ‘Build a Product Table with WooCommerce Add to Quote Buttons’.