Commerce WP Template without Buy Buttons needed

I am putting together a website for someone who wants to have various normal pages, but also wants to be able to create categories, and add products - but here is the issue - he doesn’t want Buy Now buttons.

He wants people to email or call him, to buy the product(s). He has car parts, as well as cars, so wants to add them and their photos to the website, but no buy button.

  1. is there a good theme for this or;
  2. do most WooCommerce sites have this possible anyway, via a disabling of a “buy now”??
    I don’t want to do it in CSS, where I remove the buy button, as that would just be too clunky.

I have made same thing on this site. There is option quote me .

You can see here

Hi. Yes that looks like the right sort of thing.
What plugin did you use for that?

That I have made in Odoo not in Wordpress.
But I can make that in Woocommerce.

Yes that looks to be the answer. WooCommerce seems to have it’s own version too, which may have good support for it.

This plugin will solve your problem.

You can try our theme with Catalog mode