WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) - actualityextensions

This plugin is riddled with major bugs and various issues. It should be removed from Envato until the author is able to resolve. A physical store is heavily dependent on a functioning POS system, if it breaks then payments aren’t processed, receipts aren’t printed and orders can’t be placed. This is a serious place of any store to stay in regulation with tax reports and various government requirements.

Having this plugin break and support reluctant to prioritize hot fixing it’s basic functionality is absolutely unacceptable, especially for a $100/year plugin! I’m blown away that authors on Envato aren’t held to more strict guidelines and rules governing functionality and support for such a fundamental plugin.

This incident has broken my trust in Envato.

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Hi Dves91, pls check my msg. Thank you!

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If it is correct, the plugin does not work, it has many errors, it does not make the correct sum, the order cannot be made, the PAGAR bolt is hidden below …

This is a major rip off, actualityextensions, the company that tried to develop this plug-in, that never fully worked (was plagued with bugs), spent months not addressing bugs, stating that a major released was about to be made, and then removed the plug-in from Envato and took it to WooCommerce Market ripping off thousands of clients and making them buy for the new release. We have supported the development of the plug-in with our time and money, do not support companies like this.

ok, thanks for the info, so i don’t download the envato update? what is going on

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There is no update on Envato, the plug-in was removed, the new version is on Woocommerce Market, your stuck with the last update that has many reported bugs.

Have you downloaded the new update? I don’t want to buy the same thing again, with errors

I haven’t, i bought the plug-in some years ago, maybe early 2018, and they made available the new plug-in for clients with this condition:

“To qualify for this coupon code, you will need to have had a support plan active on or after June 1st 2019.”

So, those who bought early on, a product that was never usable (and you could see that from the comments, not just my opinion), got cut out of the working version. I have never been able to use the plug-in, tried multiple times, tried to correct bugs myself, until i gave up and was waiting for the promised new working version.

Yes, I still bought the complement about 2 years ago and the new one I will not buy it, because I always had mistakes, I did not add up well, Total’s green button, I was hiding below … what complement do you use right now?

These guys are scammers. You can’t even find an address or any type of contact information. They are completely hidden. The only thing that reveals that they they must be from turkey is their bad translation files (officially they offer this plugin in 5 languages, none of them is completed)

The POS they offer now in v5 on WooCommerce market is so unbelievably bad, that they obviously had to remove features to get even listed there. (And they disabled the review function anyhow) E.g. there is no support for printers they offered support for in v4 :joy:. If you relied on the “Closing receipt” - forget it, it’s not there anymore. Absolutely not production ready! Absolutely not ready to be an “official WooCommerce Plugin”.

And the coupon code they offered for v5 - scam. I was qualified, but the code they sent to me was not working. 3 Months later i got a response that the coupon is expired now. Wow, thanks.