WooCommerce - Order Confirmation Emails - Making them work for languages

Hi guys, I have a WooCommerce site - it’s moreless all done

I have one problem with the site now - just the WooCommerce confirmation emails

I see the setting in the settings of WooCommerce where I can change the text etc, but my site has 3 languages - EN DE and FR

I don’t see how to translate these emails into other languages - does anybody know what I need to do to make this work in other languages?



You should be able to translate the WooCommerce emails using the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin. Browsing that page there is some information regarding the emails.

I haven’t fully tested wpml with WooCommerce but it seems to be the way to go if your having a multilingual site.

~ Matt

Yea I already have that installed - just for the emails I can’t figure it out at all

Hmm they claim the emails are sent in the correct language.

Visitors will receive all notification emails in their right language. For this to happen, the site admin must provide the translations. WooCommerce localization files provide translations for the standard WooCommerce mails, but if you want to change them, like other texts, emails can be translated via the String Translation screen.

But checking some google queries it may appear the emails are not working correctly with the latest version of WooCommerce.

Sorry i couldn’t be much more help and hope you get this resolved.

~ Matt