Adding multiple language to my site

Hi, Molla theme support team,

I am trying to add a few choices of languages to my woocommerce however it doesn’t seem to be right.

The language that I wanted to use as the main one is English and 3 more languages additional to that, German, Spanish and Thai. I have studied through all the instructions provided and followed them carefully, but somehow it didn’t work. Can you pls guide me on how to do that properly?

Also, all my product variations are disabled so I won’t be to click on them if I want a different color, size, or model plus the add to cart button doesn’t work either. these are other issues that I have been facing so far. Thank you!


Hello @jcy2021

Please contact the author of the theme you’ve purchased. Here’s how you can do that → How to contact an author – Envato Market Help Center

This forum is for general topics, not for specific support questions. Please use the link above to get in touch with the author, they will be able to assist.

Please get in touch with support but always first try to have the enhancement done from the original developers because if you do some updates and enhancements on your own and later on the theme got disrupted then as per the policy your support will be null void