WooCommerce coupon problem: different variations, different discounts

Hi guys (and girls :slight_smile: ),

I have the following problem regarding the WooCommerce coupon feature. First let me explain the product.

  • The product has a couple of variations, in total 8. 7 of the 8 variations get 50% discount on the total price. The price is the same in all those variations.
  • For the last variation, the one that is left, you will have to pay more, but, on the ammount you pay more, you get an additional 25% discount.

We need this to be applied with one coupon due too several reasons. However: you can only give one ammount of discount, so in the current situation, I can give only 50% on all, or nothing.

Does anybody know a plugin, extension or a small code, that can add this feature? Or does anybody know a different solution, keep in mind, we need the coupon here.

Thanks allot!