WooCommerce Authors: WooCommerce 3.0.0 released next week

Hey Everyone,

If you develop themes or plugins that are compatible with WooCommerce, you should be aware that WooCommerce 3.0.0 is planned for release next week.

It was originally planned to be released as 2.7, but it was re-versioned as 3.0.0. Note that post says:

Themes with 2.7.0 versioned template files may need to update those to 3.0.0 versions to prevent reports of outdated template files.

If you haven’t tested your items against a release candidate, it may be worth getting one now and making sure your item works fine with 3.0.0. Theme Authors: It’s also worth reading Adding support for WooCommerce 2.7’s new gallery feature to your theme.

As always, we would strongly encourage you keep up with what’s happening with WooCommerce by subscribing to their development blog and making sure your items cater to any changes.



@StephenCronin @BenLeong

Hi, Please add the WooCommerce 3.0x to the “Compatible With” list. Thanks!


Envato needs to add WooCommerce 3.x and Visual Composer 5.x on “Compatible With” area too.

Visual Composer 5.0 was released November 2016 and now is on versio 5.1.x (link).


May be its right time to do what @stmcan and @Laborator mentioned… :wink:

Thanks @stmcan & @Laborator - I’ve flagged this with our developers & Content Ops team.


Hi @BenLeong,

I still do not see “WooCommerce 3.x” in the compatibility list. Do you have any update about that?



Is anybody else struggling with the notice below in the latest update?

“Notice: WC_Product::get_gallery_attachment_ids is deprecated since version 3.0! Use WC_Product::get_gallery_image_ids instead.”

Cannot find any reference in my theme and the notice displays even with the Twenty seventeen theme.


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Hmm that’s strange.

I had the same error, but in a template file I literally just changed “get_gallery_attachment_ids” to “get_gallery_image_ids” and it fixed the error.

Good luck!

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