Woocommerce Template updates from CMSSuperheroes



I have just bought one more of many themes from Envato and am generally happy with ALL. Unfortunately, when I installed the thing and updated Woocommerce, then the theme template files were seen to be well out of date.

This theme has needed new Woocommerce template files for months now and my guess is that the crew who make it (Spectrum from CMSsuperheroes) are just hanging out for the extra support…and updating each customer’s installation via ticket, rather than updating the whole theme and releasing it.

Can someone please investigate this as the theme released at the moment is not fit for purpose?


You should post to Item Comment area and ask them to release a new update rather than fixing through ticket.


Thanks for that Wow Themes. I was going to use the ‘Public’ comment board to moan as a last resort.

However. After posting this? CMSheroes have become, well, cmsheroes as they have promised to update the files soon, but are sending me the changed template files in the meantime.

So now I can lavish good comments upon them in public.