WordPress Theme and Plugin Authors: WordPress 4.3 and WooCommerce 2.4

Hey everyone,

You’re probably already across this, but there were quite a few changes in WordPress 4.3, which was released a couple of days ago. If you haven’t already, you should make sure your themes / plugins cater for these.

Note, we’re starting to reject items using PHP4-style constructors, commonly used when creating widgets (amongst other things), as warnings now appear for this when WP_DEBUG is turned on.

While we’re at it, it’s probably worth mentioning that WooCommerce 2.4 was released earlier this month. If your item supports WooCommerce, you should check out the changes, especially if your item adds fields to variations or alters the display of variations. There were also some template changes which will affect themes.



Indeed. I’m working on a site for a client and the Oxy theme has fallen apart in places since updating to WordPress 4.3 and WooCommerce 2.4.5 (I guess that’s my fault for jumping on that before checking if the theme supported it :stuck_out_tongue: ). Time to whip out the backup for the time being.

Hello. You need to confirm from author or there change log is they release update yet.

You should check the change log first. If there’s no mention(and you know the theme / plugin has issues), consider leaving a comment on the item about it.

please help,
i have update from Book your travel theme
how can i update it