Wondertag v2.3.6 - The Ultimate WoWonder Theme

2021-09-09T04:00:00Z I purchased this theme recently because of the live preview shown on this website. What I received was not what I was shown in the live preview and I was finally able to get my money back but not from the programmer of the script. I just checked and the live preview is still showing the same view I was shown when I made my purchase. I have made a screen capture of that live preview and would like to know where I can actually purchase the script that produces that layout on the website.

Here is a URL link to the screenprint of the Wondertag v2.3.6 that I am trying to find.https://usbrn.org/WoWtag.jpg

What you have purchased is the script itself and the demo data ( live website ) may not be included to the download package as it’s for “viewers” only. Check the documentation if there’s any additional information how to import the “demo data” or contact the author for help

I understand what you are stating and I appreciate your responding to my quest, however that doesn’t make good business sense. The script is sold on Envato and the live preview that you are shown is supposed to be what you get when you make a purchase. However, that did not happen in my case and so far I have been unable to get an answer from anyone on how to obtain the version as shown in the live preview on Envato.

Again, thank you for taking the time to respond

You’re paying for the script, not the demo data - It’s up to author if they would like to share the data, it’s not required

Now you’ve gone over the cliff. I advertise a Cadillac for sale complete with beautiful photos of the car and you shell out the dough and I ship you a Ford, and you are OK with that? I don’t think so. It’s clearly a case of bate and switch as far as I am concerned and it is beyond me why you would think otherwise.

As stated, “demo” data is for preview only. Authors are not required to include it if they don’t feel like it. In other way, the images on the demo site may be copyrighted and cannot be transferred to third party.

What you bought is the platform to sell the cars, not the cars.

Contact the author of the theme and ask him if he provides the demo data in some way: