I download Siren theme from envato element but while importing demo data they are asking for purchase code

hi everyone so recently i downloaded siren theme from envato element (which i have a subscription for monthly) so after installing the theme i was about to importing the demo data but when i was doing that theme redirected me to there website for downloading demo data but for that i will need a purchase code (this is require for registration and login purpose) but here is the problem envato does not provide us with a purchase code so can anyone help me with this tell how can i get the demo data for theme.

Unfortunately that is a premium feature (like support and updates) which is not included with some themes from elements due to the p/code limitation you mention above

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but then why is this theme up for subscription.

Because it’s still entirely usable - just that certain features are not included when pay reduced cost for access to multiple items as opposed to investing in one.

There has to be premium differences between the two or else there would be no point in the marketplaces existing and authors would be under far greater pressure which would have a negative impact on buyers

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@charlie4282 Thanks Very much for your followup and reply.

@aakashjugraj Im Siren theme Author, i have received your email. I attached Theme Demo Content File Please check :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @aakashjugraj,

I have the same problem, could you send me the demo content too?

Thank´s a lot.

Have the same problem with this theme. The theme is advertised inside envato elements as 1 click demo import featured… Also all other themes i used provide demo content, how this is a premium feature only for this theme? And if it was a premium feature how come the author sends the demo link afterwards? We pay for a subscription here to do our jobs quickly not loosing time…

Hello I could not able to import demo, I brought siren from Envato Elements, But I couldn’t able to import demo data please help me @Wpsmart


Siren Theme Demo importer Available for Themeforest users, But All of element users can Request Demo importer plugin using our support forum

Go to http://www.spraythemes.com/contact-us/ and contact us or send us email - wpsmart.tf@gmail.com (please attache element download page screenshot to verify you)


Hola, acabo de comprar Siren, pero no puedo descargar la demo para importarla en mi web ya que me indica que la web está caída.

Por favor, podrĂ­as enviarme la demo para importarlaÂż?

I am having this issue also, so what is the resolution and/or recourse? @envato any help here?

@aakashjugraj I am trying to download the theme. Can you help here with the code as it has been made a premium feature and we would not have picked the theme for what we need it for if it was a paid theme. We are on a time crunch also. Kindly advise