the theme does not come out like the demo.

hello I just installed my WordPress but when I enter the subject it is empty I want to activate the purchase but I do not know where to activate it

WP themes don’t look like the demo out of the box - you have to set them up and install either your own content or the dummy content if it is supplied with the theme.

Read the documentation with the theme which will almost certainly cover this


but they gave me a code at the time of purchase I read that code should be activated in the subject but I do not know how to do it in this topic

I want to install it as shown in the demo recently bought other similar products and activate them with a code but esque nose where to put the code on this occasion

Could you help me

You need to ask the author of the theme

Why is it not possible to give me a solution so that my subject is like some of its demos, can I request a refund?

and if so, what steps do I do for it?

There may well be a very simple fix although theme specific queries have to go to the author.

You can request a refund but it seems very unlikely that would be grounds for one.

Again this is all almost certainly covered in the documentation with the item

I carry like 4 templates bought and all of them include demonstrations to choose from, instead the one I just bought is empty and therefore it is not a reason to ask for a refund.

There is no obligation for the author to provide demo content, unless they explicitly say that they do, but unfortunately, you will not find answers in this forum and need to follow the link provided above to speak to them

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I just did that, thank you very much for your help.

Is there a document to request a return?