Wizard To Show WooCommerce Products

Hi there,

I’m trying to make a similar process to a airplane booking website where based on questions that the user answers, they are then presented different WooCommerce Products to add to their cart and then checkout as part of the same process. See this short video as an example https://youtu.be/oslbBwhABDY of how each WooCommerce Product would be presented.

I have seen plugins like this WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder by loopus | CodeCanyon which kind of works but doesn’t have a way of being able to embed WooCommerce Products. I can do it with a shortcode but then I have to have one field in the form to show the WooCommerce product and then another separate field in the form to then ask if the user wants to add that specific product (otherwise the conditions won’t work properly) which makes it rather difficult and inflexible.

So is there a plugin that is essentially similar to the plugin above but that would essentially allow me to present a series of WooCommerce Products as a series of steps with then the ability for certain steps to be skipped or shown based on certain conditions being met (so for example, how you answered a specific question in a previous step or what products you have in the basket)?