Win $250 and applaud our amazing mods by joining our official moderator T-shirt design contest!



Our mods do a huge amount of work around here…

Whether they’re keeping our conversations clean from spam or giving our members a helping hand with their questions, our forum wouldn’t be possible without the amazing and tireless efforts of these incredible human beings.

We reckon it’s time to do something a little bit special for them, and we want your help…

Without further ado, the Envato Community team would like to present:

What is it?

We want to create some exclusive moderator T-shirts that we can give to our mods. And who better to design those T-shirts than the community of creative folks that they work with on a daily basis?

Also, it’s a great way to say thanks to our amazing Moderators: @AurusAudio, @charlie4282, @dtbaker, @enabled, @felt_tips ,@Graphic-Studio, @Joost, @MSFX, @OsamaSayegh, @SamBerson, @sevenspark, @SpaceStockFootage, @Strobar, and @ThemeSLR.

Oh and by the way, the person who contributes the best design will walk away with $250:tada:

How does it work?

Pretty simple! Show us your Envato Moderator T-Shirt Design in the thread below. At the end of the month our mods will decide which design they like the best and the chosen T-shirt will go into production for our mods.

How to Enter

  • Create a T-shirt design that celebrates our Moderators.
  • Your design must be in a scalable vector format that you can share with us (.eps, .ai, or .psd)
  • Your design must be in CMYK format
  • Post a JPG version of your design in the thread right here (don’t post your original source file, you can share this via our entry form).
  • Complete the official entry form.
  • Only two entries per person please, so please submit your best work!
  • Please read our full terms and conditions.

Prizes & Judging

The moderators will be voting on their favourite design, so they’re the ones you’ll need to impress :slight_smile: Be creative, be awesome.

Grand Prize:

  • $250 “cash” (via PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill)
  • A shiny “won a Community Contest” badge
  • Your shirt will be printed as a limited edition, and will be given away to our community.
  • A copy of the T-shirt with your winning design (Making you the one non-moderator to have a moderator T shirt!)

Important Dates:

January 22nd: The contest ends!
January 23 - 27th The winner will be announced.

… And may the odds be ever in your favour.



I’m going to start us off by posting my personal tribute to one of my favourite humans @Enabled


Not a cat, or a laser, or a spaceship in sight! What’s wrong with me?!




An important consideration I’m sure a lot of designers are itching to ask… does your t-shirt dealer have the ability to incorporate flashing lights, Global Hypercolor technology, and/or bespoke material selections… like gold thread, peacock feathers and mother of pearl?




Clean, simple and fun.




Here is mine. Hope you like it.
Thank you



Hi guys, here are mine! Hope you like it :wink:

Best regards.

Shirts 01

Shirts 02


For black t-shirt

For white t-shirt


This is My Idea i Hope it will be nice for new T-shirt

MODERATOR BADGE in the Right Side of Arm
ENVATO LOGO in the Left Side of Arm.


I like this one, especially because of the Yoda badge I guess! :wink: I’d probably bring the moderator badge a bit more up tough. Would be a better fit IMO.


Yeah I agree. I’d like to see more entries where the moderator badge/title and the Envato logo are incorporated into the T-shirt design.


Listen to this guy gentlemen, he has to wear it 24/7 when it’s ready. :wink:


Hi @OsamaSayegh.
Can the file to be delivered can be a zip file with all the files used on the shirt?

Best regards.