Will old Impreza 1.1.12 and Revolution Slider 4.6.93 work if upgraded?

Hi, I’ve inherited a site that has not been updated for years. It has Impreza theme version 1.1.12 and Revolution Slider 4.6.93 which says “Please note that this plugin came bundled with a theme. The use of the Revolution Slider is limited to this theme only”.
If we buy a new licence for the latest version of Impreza, do we know whether

  • it will include an up-to-date version of Revolution Slider?
  • whether the new versions are expected to be compatible with the design/config/setup of these old versions?

I’m a long time software developer but new to WordPress.
Thank you, Dave


You can ask your pre-purchase query directly to the Item author by posting comments going through the Item Comments page. The item author will answer your query.


Thank you for the quick response. Where would I find the Item Comments page please? I cannot ask in the Impreza forum because I don’t hold the licence and they require one before allowing forum posts.
Many thanks,

You will find Comments in the theme page as a Tab:

If you go to any Item page there you will find a Tab named Comments.

Brilliant, thank you thank you thank you so much.

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