slider revolution invalid license

Hi guys,
my first post and I am not sure if it’s at the right place… if it’s wrong here please help me to move it to the right place.
In 2017 I bought Impreza and I got a digital license with purchase code etc. website is running under the same domain and i dont want to change it. due to any reason, i dont know why, slider revolution is not activated even i got a puchase code. if i try to activate it, system said: invalid license.
dont know why, any clue how to find out what might be the reason for it ?

Hi @redsnop,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. As you have received our plugin via a theme purchase, there are two options:

  1. For setup and integration issues, please contact the theme author directly. If you want to update the plugin, you will have to wait for the theme author to include the latest version in their theme. With the latest plugin .zip file you can then do a manual update.

  2. If you need direct support from us as well as automatic updates in the backend, you can purchase a plugin license from us here . The license key you receive will allow you to activate the plugin backend and will unlock the automatic update feature for you. When commenting on the Envato item page or submitting a ticket to our support system . Also, as a premium member, you’ll receive the benefits listed here

We hope that this clears things up a bit! If you’ve further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our email at


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I’ll be happy to clear this for you.

Theme Bundled plugins do not have their own licenses. This means they cannot be activated mean registered for updates. So you can safely ignore any plugin activation/registration messages.

All bundled plugins update responsibility is the theme’s author. Just always download the theme latest version to get latest update plugins and update bundled plugin manually.

If you really want to auto update features by one click then you have to purchase individual license for the plugin(s) and you have to registere/activated the license.
You can check this Help article:

Automatic updates and support directly from the plugin author is only for those who will purchase the plugin directly from the plugin author.


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