Will it take same review procedure if I want to upload Version 2.0 of my existing approved Item (Version 1.0)

Hi, I just want to upload my existing Item’s Version 2.0 on Codecanyon server. My question is, if I submit the file does it take another review just like before or just take little time as I’ve already maintained the same quality and passed the security issue which was found during my first upload and soft reject. I’m sorry for my bad English as I’m not a native English Speaker.

Please guide me in this case. It’ll help me a lot.

Thanks in advance.


For update the already approved Item the review time will not take longer if quality is standard of your update. For php script update current avg review time is 6 days but it can take a little bit less or more.


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Thanks mgscoder and if i want to update the Preview’s file like which is for Screenshot then for this do I need to upload on screenshots.zip file, can I upload only screenshots.zip is I want to show up new preview images of my new version.

Will it be considered as “Updates”

when you will update anything (script/preview image/thumbnail) please upload all files as you uploaded first time for getting approve (thumbnail, preview image, screenshots, main script.zip) don’t upload only any portion. Thanks


Thanks mgscoder, now I’ve my question answered. No doubt from now. Thanks for quick reply and nice information.

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