Why was my AE Project rejected?

Why do not the auditors in the rejected message to give recommendations, I remember last year when submitting the project, will give some suggestions.


Look and no one can determine the cause of the project refused, only the auditor can give the answer, but refused to mail just fixed copy and paste the false, and did not give any advice; certainly can understand, all design works, if the auditor refuses to project can be a feeling, with specific words may be more difficult, at least give a reason for rejection keywords, let the author understand deficiencies and modification works. (I know that every day there are many projects to audit, the auditor may audit a lot of bad items, if each one is given a detailed proposal, will be very tired; if the author gives specific recommendations after the amendment, refused again, that’s embarrassing)

As far as I know there were few templates that looked like Universal intro and all of them got taken down. I’m pretty sure the same thing applies to Marvel intro. I think that’s the main reason why this got rejected.

Thank you for your answer. I understand.